Creating books/illustrations that are FUN, because FUN is what kids love.

Six Books
and Counting

I've authored and illustrated 6 books.

Your Smile Has A Window
The World in a Rainbow
I Think the Cows are Racing
What Would I Do, To Make Sure You're Not Blue
What Could It Be?
I Don't Want To Play That!

Award Winning Books

My 4th book “What Would I Do, to make sure you’re not blue” was a winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award.

What would you do to make sure your little one wasn’t blue? Would you fix their teddy bear? Would you gather stars right out of the sky to make them smile as they look up from their crib? This sweet rhyming book is a fun quick read for parents and grandparents to share with the ones they love the most. 

Author Matthew Boyd

I’m an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. Inspired by the experiences of my family and friends, my readers say my writing is endearing and the illustrations are colorful and fun. My stories explore life changes (dealing with siblings, losing a tooth), imaginative adventures (let’s jump into a rainbow!), and silly questions (What do cows do when no one is looking? What can you make from this line?).

My writing and illustrations encourage readers to explore the world from a new perspective, sparking creativity in little ones and adults alike. My books gently encourage positive character traits, family roles, and the joys of imagination and exploration. “What Could It Be?” is my latest book; it explores how a simple line can transform into so many different creations.