YSHAW-coverYour Smile has a Window

Your Smile Has A Window is an original story of a young girl who loses her first tooth and her jealous younger sister that wants the toothfairy to come and visit her instead. It’s the perfect story for a child that has just lost his/her tooth. All characters are hand drawn in a whimsical fashion.
The book also has a diagram of when children typically lose their teeth and a keepsake chart for you to fill out on when your child’s smile gets a window.

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world-rainbow-coverThe World in a Rainbow

Have you ever had a rainbow come into your window? Have you ever ventured into the colors of the rainbow? In “The World in a Rainbow” a little girl wakes up from her nap and enters a rainbow. What will she see in each color and how will she get to the next one? Follow her on an adventure as she learns to fly, swim, and jump. Follow her as she gets to be huge and small and finally learns what she loves best in the whole world. “The World in a Rainbow” also helps to teach colors and the color spectrum to young children.

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Why is there a shoe in the middle of the field?
Do you think cows race when no-one is looking?
How can you prove to your mom that the cows can race?
Find out in I THINK THE COWS ARE RACING the third book from author/illustrator Matthew Boyd.

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What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue

As a parent or grandparent you would do anything to keep your infant from being sad. “What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue” is a short rhyming book about how we would gather stars, tickle and love our children forever.

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