YSHAW-coverYour Smile has a Window

In his first children’s book, Your Smile Has A Window, author and illustrator, Matthew Boyd tells the story of a Big Sis who has lost her first tooth and can’t wait for the tooth fairy to come. Her younger sister becomes jealous and wants the tooth fairy to visit her instead. Will Big Sis lose her tooth twice in one day? This adorable rhyming children’s book is a fun read for children who will start too or already have lost some teeth.

Your Smile Has A Window also includes a keepsake chart in the back outlining the age children typically lose each tooth with space to record your child’s experience. The book is one that the whole family can enjoy during story time and will bring delight and laughter to your child’s face.

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world-rainbow-coverThe World in a Rainbow

Young children are fascinated by colors and in his second children’s book, “The World in a Rainbow”, author and illustrator, Matthew Boyd brings colors alive in a fun and whimsical way for young children. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. All the colors of the rainbows! If you could see inside a rainbow, what would you see? In “The World in a Rainbow” children experience a fun adventure inside each color of the rainbow.

Our young adventurer gets to fly, swim, jump, grow huge and shrink small. Traveling though each color, she will learn a little about herself along the way. At the end, she learns what she loves most of all. “The World in a Rainbow” also helps to teach colors and the color spectrum to young children.

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Have you ever wondered what cows do when nobody is looking? If so, then “I Think The Cows Are Racing” is the book for you and your child. In this beautifully illustrated book, one curious little boy is about to find out. Living on a farm with cows can seem boring but when he finds a sneaker in the field he is determined to find the owner.

All signs point to one of the cows, but how can he prove it to his mother. Follow him on this fun journey as he makes a plan to prove that when nobody is looking the cows are racing in the fields.

“I Think The Cows Are Racing” is the third in a series of children’s books by author and illustrator, Matthew Boyd designed to entertain your young child.

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What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award 

What would you do to make sure your little one wasn’t blue? Would you fix their teddy bear? Would you gather stars right out of the sky to make them smile as they look up from their crib? This sweet rhyming book is a fun quick read for parents and grandparents to share with the ones they love the most.

With simple shapes for the illustrations and bright colors, “What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue” is the perfect book for new parents and grandparents alike.   It is the fourth in an ongoing series of children’s books by author and illustrator, Matthew Boyd all designed to bring smiles and laughter to children’s faces.

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